A few updates from CoLab!

CoLab is Kaduna’s first Innovation Hub and Co-working space.

It’s been a while since we last had an update up on the blog, so even though we have peppered all our subscribers with newsletters, we thought that the proper thing to do will be to put up this condensed post with updates on what’s been happening in the past few months, and what you should expect soon.

In the past three months we have had a whole lot of events, we hosted a Facebook Bot Party, hosted SheLeadAfrica’s Shehive, Facebook’s Boost Your Business, Microsoft’s Xamarin Engage, Google Developer Group meet ups, we’ve had a developer Hang out with the guys from nHub, finished two batches of our home grown Code School, held a whole bunch of meet ups (from our monthly community meet ups, to specific ones like the ones focused on IoT, Graph Databases, 3-D printing) oh, did I mention that we now had a couple of 3-D printers? We have also had numerous trainings on things ranging from digital marketing, to lean startup methods, to 3-D printing. There’s a lot more that has happened but in a bid to keep this post concise, we will skip the details, but if you are interested, you can check our newsletter archives or our Facebook Page, where we document most of the things we do.

Our 3D printer is here!

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If you think our last few months have been busy, it’s nothing compared to what is coming up! We have got an incubation program in the pipeline, a fellowship program in the pipeline as well as numerous partnerships in the works which we intend to announce when the time is right. We also do have a huge event schedule starting this weekend with an exploration of Payant, a product built here that allows users collect payments from anywhere in the world, sell products and services on Facebook messenger and do smart invoicing among other things. We also have a lot more lined up, including the first ForLoop event on this side of the country, our Facebook Developer Circle Meet up series (did I mention that we are now home to Facebook Developer Circle Kaduna? Only the second Facebook Developer Circle in Nigeria?). A new batch of our redesigned Code school is also starting soon as well, if you are interested, you can sign up here.

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