Big dreams are built here

Colab is designed from the ground up to inspire creativity, innovation
and foster community

Our Space

Colab is designed from the ground up to inspire creativity and innovation and at the same time foster community. This is achieved by a mix of deliberate decor and space planning with the goal of increasing the surface area for interactions within each space. The end goal is a delightful ambience and an unrivalled sense of community.

Community Centric Innovation

We've created an environment that allows your natural curiosity foster
learning, inspire creativity and innovation.

What we actually do.

Our goal of building an ecosystem starts with the foundation, which is knowledge.

Our project based, community centric, peer learning models, ensure that as a community, we can community stay on top of what's new and gain the skills required to build solutions, without losing sight of the problems around us that need to be fixed.


Beyond learning, we find ways to collectively build solutions to some of the most pressing problems around us.

We do this by empathising, and taking a human centred design approach to tackle these problems using cutting edge technology to craft solutions that scale.

From our scheduled downtime weekends, to consoles and board games on site, we pride ourselves in our ability to switch off and play hard, because playing and disconnecting is an essential part of the innovation process

We are building
a tech ecosystem

Find your best self here. Discover the spark you need to pursue that idea,
and the support you need to see it through.
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