CoLab Elite, our Talent Acceleration Program, Starts this February

Colab Elite

Programmers at Colab Elite

Our primary goal at CoLab, is to build a tech ecosystem in Kaduna and hopefully Northern Nigeria. We have taken steps towards achieving this through our various programs and events supported since our inception.

To further reach this goal, we are introducing the CoLab Elite program. CoLab Elite is our talent acceleration program which has been designed to fast-track beginner and intermediate developers into world-class talent.

If you already write code but keep wondering how to build projects, work with teams or follow global best practices, then CoLab Elite is for you.

If this interests you, send an email to sanusi@sanusii.sg-host.com stating your current competencies. The program is free however, we’ll screen for talent.

Start date is February and further details will be communicated once you are selected for the program.

If you do not write code but are interested in learning, we do have a starter program called Code School. This will get you familiar with the fundamentals – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

If you are interested in this, you can sign up here. (The current class is closed, but we’ll reopen the link for the next batch soon). However, this is not free and will need you to subscribe to CoLab for a minimum of 2 months. The starting price for one month is N5250. You will find all the details of our pricing here.

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