CoLab is now open to female programmers for FREE

Since we opened back in September 2016, we have tried to find ways to help even the gender inequality in the technology industry. While the problem is global, but there are probably not a lot of places where the situation is as dire as in Northern Nigeria.

From day one, we offered scholarships to all the ladies who attended our¬†event, but we’ve taken an even bigger step and thrown our doors open to any female developer who is resident in Kaduna.

We believe that by doing so, we can get a cluster of women who are already passionate about technology (few people are as passionate about technology as software engineers are in our opinion), to design and start their own reach-out program with our support and become tech evangelists who will go on to build a woman-friendly tech community.

If you are a lady that codes and are interested in the offer, or just have suggestions on how we can even make it better, kindly shoot us an email at hi@sanusii.sg-host.com.

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