Discussing Tech and the Ecosystem at our First Meet-up of the Year

CoLab’s core focus, is to help build an ecosystem that ultimately transforms Kaduna state, and by extension northern Nigeria into a giant hub for technology – the first place on anyone’s mind when looking to build technology solutions.

However, ecosystems are built by people and not institutions, which is why meet-ups – like our first one for this year, which took place on Saturday, 21st of January 2107 are key; they provide the opportunity for the people that will ultimately make up the ecosystem and the institutions that can support the ecosystem to interact, share ideas, plan and get on the same page generally – which was exactly how it went down at CoLab during the meet-up.

We had an open discussion about why we needed to have an ecosystem, the current state of the ecosystem, and actionable steps we could take as a community to lay the foundations for a thriving ecosystem.

One of the resolutions, was for people to meet-up in smaller, interest-driven groups, to share, learn and grow together.

At CoLab, besides committing to providing a venue at no cost for such small groups to meet, we also would support them, in anyway we can, to ensure their growth and integration into the larger community.

If you missed out, you can, catch a recorded video stream of the meet up, and a few photos from the meet-up on our Facebook page.


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One thought on “Discussing Tech and the Ecosystem at our First Meet-up of the Year”

  1. LaOlu says:

    My best tech experience this year. Thank you colab.