Terms and Conditions for the AIC

Participant Terms and Conditions

  1. (i)  “Participants of the Agribusiness Innovation Challenge events stand a chance to win sponsored cash and technical assistance prizes. Judges have the sole responsibility of and discretion in selecting winners and the judges’ decisions are final. The value of these prizes is to be at the sole discretion of the organisers.
  2. (ii)  Prize winners must use cash or technical assistance prizes for business or research purposes related to agritech innovation.

  3. (iii)  Participants who are awarded a prize shall be obliged to sign a grant agreement with GAIN detailing how they intend to use the prize funds, including a disbursement schedule. The judges and / or organisers shall have the right to withdraw any cash prize from a participant who fails or refuses to comply with the obligation in this clause.

  4. (iv)  Prize recipients will be expected to share periodic reports detailing how the funds are being used, as agreed with the organisers.

  5. (v)  To the fullest extent permitted by law the organisers will not be liable for the cancellation/postponement/change of sponsored prizes”.