Introducing Colab for Women

CoLab has always been a great supporter of women in technology. Since we launched, not only have we been open to female developers for free, we have also actively supported programs like the local Women In STEM initiative, TechHer, SheLeadsAfrica (SLA) and more.

That said, at CoLab, we believe in not just doing enough, but going the extra mile and as such, we are happy to announce that we are going the extra mile and beyond with our support for getting more women into science and technology with a new program we are calling CoLab for Women.

Imagine a community of women, for women & run by women. Imagine no more. It’s here. That’s what CoLab for Women is.

The platform will serve as a means to drive the adoption of technology by women and will also be a safe space for any sort of discussions among women.

If you are a lady and interested, you can sign up for updates here. The very first CoLab for Women meetup will be holding on the 18th of November, 2017.

Save the date!


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